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Asenlix 30 mg capsule Clobenzorex from mexico

Asenlix 30 mg capsule  is a brand name for the compound Clobenzorex, also known as N-(2-Chlorobenzyl)-alpha-methylphenethylamine hydrochloride. This chemical stimulant is manufactured in Mexico by the Aventis corporation and usually is found in thirty milligram tablets. Because Asenlix tablets are usually green in color, they are also known as “greenies”, which were formerly implicated as being used by professional baseball players in the United States.

What is Asenlix / Obeclox / Radicers?

Asenlix / Obeclox / Radicers are popular  diet pills or capsules since 1970 for both men and women
 It quickly began to be prescribed for athletes because of its positive effects on mood, alertness and reflexes. Asenlix is ​​marketed by Aventis in Mexico. There is little information about the medication and it should not be taken without medical approval and a valid prescription. But the black market in Mexico can do everything so it is very easy to get in the field of trailers.

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