dinintel 30 mg Clobenzorex


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dinintel 30 mg Clobenzorex

dinintel 30 mg Clobenzorex Food Cups, Weight Loss Drugs

doses and durations

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule in the morning upon waking and also 1 capsule 1 hour before the midday meal. In some cases, the dosage may be increased to 3 capsules / day, including 2 in the morning upon waking and 1 capsule 1h before the midday meal. The duration of treatment is 4 to 6 weeks and should not exceed 3 months.

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Clobenzorex is reported as an ingredient of Dinintel in the following countries:

Brand Names Clobenzorex

  • Asenlix
    Hormona, Mexico
  • Itravil Ap
    Investigación Farmacéutica, Mexico
  • Itravil-Ifa
    Investigación Farmacéutica, Mexico
  • Obeclox
    Medix, Costa Rica;Dominican Republic;Guatemala; Honduras;Mexico; Medix, Panama; El Salvador

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