tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets

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tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets

tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets , Tafil 0.5 mg tablets , Tafil 1.0 mg tablets alprazolam so Tafil 0.5 mg tablets 1 tablet contains 0.5 mg alprazolam and afil 1.0 mg tablets 1 tablet contains 1.0 mg alprazolam.


Other ingredients with known effect:

Lactose, sodium benzoate T and also Lactose, sodium benzoate.

Dosage and method of administration dosage

The dosage and the duration of the application have to adapt to the individual reaction situation, the indication area and the severity be adapted to the disease. in this connection the principle applies, the dose is so low and the treatment time as short as possible to keep for the reason that The patient should be in regular Intervals and the need for investigation a continued treatment become.

Initial treatment

At the beginning of therapy, the dose ; 0.25-0.5 mg alprazolam three times daily.

maintenance treatment

first of all , If necessary, the total daily dose gradually to a maximum of 4 mg alprazolam, in Single doses spread over the day, increased become.  So It should, including the gradual weaning phase, 8 to 12 weeks do not exceed. Elder, weakened patients and patients with kidney or liver dysfunction Elderly patients, weakened patients or patients with impaired Nierenbzw. Liver function should be reduced doses receive.

Tafil 0.5 mg tablets: 29946.00.00 and also Tafil 1.0 mg tablets: 29946.01.00

tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets
tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets


Buy tafil 2 mg alprazolam tablets. ,so Tafil 0.5 mg and afil 1.0 mg tablets contains alprazolam. real and also original price tafil alprazolam by PFIZER PHARMA.

Treatment of generalized anxiety disorders

Initial dose: 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg  three times a day.

The usual range is between 0.5 mg (one tablet of Alprazolam Aristo 0.5 mg or also one quarter tablet of Alprazolam Aristo 2 mg ) up to a maximum of 4 mg (2 tablets / day of Alprazolam Aristo 2 mg ), divided into 3-4 doses.


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